Curriculum Vitae


Philip Catania's interest in painting and drawing started as soon as he was able to hold a pencil.  His education includes graduation from the High School of Art and Design in New York City, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and the College of New Rochelle, NY from which he received a Master of Arts Degree in Art Education/Art Therapy.

Philip taught painting and drawing for approximately thirty-two years to a varied student population which included: adults, kindergarten to grade twelve children, mentally and emotionally challenged adults, and correctional facility inmates.  During the early part of his life, he entered competitions and received awards.  Teaching changed his life.  He focused his energies into promoting his students' artwork in various competitions and exhibitions where many of his students were honored and recognized.

When Philip moved his family to a small farm in upstate New York in the '80's, he added farmer to his list of job titles.  Using the trial and error method, Philip learned to drive a tractor...cut, rake, and bale hay to feed more than thirty beef cows...and fix broken farm equipment.  Farming wasn't always easy, but Philip has enjoyed the journey.  Living on a farm with its closeness to nature provides him with lots of material to think about and internalize.  These thoughts have been transferred to many of Philip's drawings and paintings.  Now, he is retired.  He spends much of his time painting, and thinking about his artwork.  Art is therapy for the mind and the soul.  Art also provides insights into self-realization and self-evolvement.



oil on canvas

8" x 8" 


Available from the artist